What a pleasure it is to welcome you to Mount Corinth

We envision a multi-cultural, multi-generational church where people from all ages, classes and cultures can attend church comfortably in one of our exciting worship experiences. You can be a beginner in your walk with God, or a veteran in your travels with Him. You will find a home right here at Mount Corinth.

We are unapologetically Bible-Based, Christ-Centered and Prayer-Minded. We are dedicated to ministering to hurting people in need of honest healing. We strive to encourage and impact our local community, as well as spread the Gospel and Love of God around the globe.

At Mount Corinth you will experience a loving environment. A place where you can grow spiritually while enjoying your walk and worship with God.
 Additionally, you will have a place to use the gifts and talents that the Lord has created in you to contribute to our church.

Again, we welcome you to Mount Corinth where you will find JOY FOR THE JOURNEY through life.

-Pastor Alan